Lake Margaret Power Station

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A Brief History

In 1911 the Mt Lyell Company decided to make use of Electrical power for its Smelting operations, and the township of Queenstown. It selected Lake Margaret, a small lake high up on Mt Sedgwick. In 1911 construction of a dam commenced to raise the height of the original lake by 6 meters, and in 1912 hundreds of Maltese migrants extended a tram line across Howard's Plains and began to clear a site on the banks of the Yolande River for the Power House.

The water was to travel from the Dam to the Power Station via a "Wooden Pipeline". There was great debate as to what timber to use on this Pipeline. The decision was made, and the Original Pipeline was constructed using Canadian Oregon Pine. Unfortunately, this timber deteriorated rapidly, and in 1921 the pipeline was replaced using the Local "King Billy Pine". This pipeline is still in use today, although requiring constant repairs

In 1985, the Hydro Electricity Commission brought the Lake Margaret Scheme and has operated it since. Unfortunately, the Scheme is due to be closed in June 2006, due to running costs. There are now moves to have the scheme and surrounding area listed as a heritage area, and to have the township and power scheme converted to a tourist attraction.

At the time of writing this, its future is still uncertain. I will keep this page updated as things develop further.. The following pages contain a series of photos taken in march 2006, showing the pipeline, power station, and views around the area. I would certainly be interested in your views or comments.