Lake Margaret Power Station

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This photo (Left) is taken from the top of the pipeline where it runs down the side of the mountain to the Power Station. The old set of three smaller pipes can be seen to the left, and the power station and workers houses can be seen at the bottom
The photo (right) is a view of the power station with a couple of the Houses just to the right of the station.
This photo (Left) is taken inside the Power stations Museum Room, and shows a section of the Pipeline. It is easy (in the larger photo) to see how the timber is moulded to form the pipe. The machine used to machine the timbers in the Pipeline is still at Lake Margaret.
This photo (right) is a view of the inside of the power station showing the turbines used to generate the power. These are still the original turbines.
This is a view (Left) of the original control pannel used to run the power station.
This (Right) is a close-up photo of one of the turbines used in the power station.