The Old Iron Blow Mine

In 1883 three gold diggers, Mick and Bill McDonough and Steve Karlson pegged out 50 acres of land in the Valley "Chamouni", (later to become known as "Linda Valley"). The area that they had pegged included the large Ironstone outcrop which became known as "The Iron Blow". And so with the first pegging of the Lyell fields, began one of Australia's great mines.

The Mt Lyell "Iron Blow" Is where it all began for Mt Lyell. It was first mined by prospectors looking for Gold, but instead, they found a huge outcrop of copper. The Photo (Left & Right) shows the Iron Blow In the 70's, with the Township of Gormanston & Mt Owen seen in the Background.

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Today visitors can drive up to a brand new parking area & Viewing platform above the Iron Blow. The Photo (Left), Is a view of the New Iron Blow Viewing Platform, and Right, is one view from the Platform.

The Turn-Off to the Iron Blow, is between the Towns of Gormanston and Queenstown. The drive from the turn-off is only a few minutes to the car park

Some of the other Views you will see from The iron Blow are, (Left, part of the Mt Lyell Workings), and (Right, Mt Owen and Foothills)

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